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Will Phoenix Rise with Jason Richardson? posted on 12/12/2008
Jason RichardsonBy now, the headlines of the NBA are still reeling back from the trade that sent Boris Diaw, Raja Bell and Sean Singletary to Charlotte for egotistical Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley plus a 2010 second rounder

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No Nash More Problems in Phoenix posted on 12/03/2008

The value of any NBA team depends on the presence of a good point guard. We have seen that through the years and that is why perhaps Steve Nash is one of the premier and most sought after point guards in the NBA today. But before he can weave his magic, he needs to get healthy as his absence is severely hurting the Suns’ cause, the last of which was a road loss to the New Jersey Nets, 104-91.

Prior to that, the Suns had also fallen to the Miam Heat, Shaquille O’ Neal’s former team. Nash is out with a thigh injury and it looks like it may take time to heal. He has been out of commission since their game at Miami. Sean Singletary replaced him for the meantime but the shoes are simply too big to fill.

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Amare Stoudemire Uneasy with New System posted on 11/30/2008

Amare StoudemireAfter suffering a loss to the Miami Heat, something was bound to give. Amare Stoudemire led the way by openly stating his frustrations on the new system being implemented by new Suns coach Terry Porter.

"Sorta, kinda. Consistency for me would be great. That way, I know what to look forward to and how to attack. That way, when I do get it, I'm not off-balance or surprised I have it."

The Suns have been barely like the Suns of old which was really expected even before the season started. With a new coach and a new system, it was not going to be easy to apply the transition from a run and gun team towards a defensive one.

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Shaq Attacks Retracts Before Match with Lakers posted on 11/20/2008

Some days back, we saw a lot of write-ups with regards to how open Shaquille O’ Neal was in entertaining thoughts of going back to the LA Lakers despite some celebrated controversies between him and Kobe Bryant. Now while that headline seems interesting, the Diesel is now retracting everything in a way and blaming the press and media for making up stories or misinterpreting what he had said.

There is no doubt that many people will be watching this match-up knowing that the Suns are sort of struggling with suspensions and of course adjusting to new coach Terry Porter. Steve Nash has slowed down a bit and the only bright spot is really Amare Stoudemire.

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Shaq Escapes Suspension; Fined $25,000 for Detroit Foul on Stuckey posted on 11/18/2008
Shaquille O' NealIf Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O’ Neal were suspended, you are bound to hear a lot of uproar from the Suns organization and the fans. On the other hand, if he was, Detroit, particularly Rodney Stuckey, may have been vindicated. Sorry to say, Shaq was only fined for the flagrant foul penalty 2 which saw the big guy ejected in their win against Detroit.

No matter how many times you view the incident, Shaq never had any intention to purposely harm Stuckey. The only fault Shaq did was that for a big bodied 7-footer, jumping and playing defense showed it as a hard play.

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