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Phoenix Suns Defeat San Antonio Spurs posted on 12/18/2007

The Phoenix Suns have handed the San Antonio Spurs their first home court loss this season. After winning the last 13 home games, the Spurs put up another great fight keeping the score close. The last ten minutes were amazing as neither team was able to gain more than a two point lead, until the Suns gained the advantage in the last 18 seconds. Grant Hill scored a team high of 22 points while Leandro Barbosa came out strong with 18 points, and Amare Stoudemire had 17 of his own. 

Surprisingly, there was little physical contact as the teams made a conscious effort to keep the media hyped rivalry down. There was even friendly banter between the teams. Thus proving, that even though things happen in other games, it is the current game that counts.

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Phoenix Suns Visit Children's Hospital posted on 12/17/2007

I love hearing when athletes give back to the community.  The Phoenix Suns have made the lives of children in Banner Children's Hospital in Mesa a little brighter. Bringing wagons full of presents, the Phoenix Suns team members brought smiles to those children they were able to visit. Leandro Barbosa, Sean Marks, DJ Strawberry, and Shawn Marion all participated in the fun.

The NBA has spent money advertising that the players and coaches care about the communities with the "NBA Cares" project. The Suns proved that by bringing smiles to the faces of children that will be stuck in a hospital bed this holiday season.

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